• Of Unwanted Things and People

    Stop-motion film for children

  • White Plastic Sky

    White Plastic Sky - feature animated film by Tibor Bánóczki and Sarolta Szabó

  • Et j’aime à la fureur

    Et j'aime à la fureur - new film by French director André Bonzel (in development)

  • Journey (short film)

    Journey - short animated film by Marek Jasaň

  • Superbia (short film)

    Superbia - animated short film by Luca Tóth

  • L.A.B. – Laboratory of Alice and Bob (TV series)

    L.A.B. - Laboratory of Alice and Bob (fiction TV series for kids about science)

  • Tigers in the City (feature film)

    Tigers in the City - Comedy by Juraj Krasnohorsky - now available on VIMEO ON DEMAND