About the company

Artichoke is a Slovak film production company founded in 2010 by scriptwriter, director and producer Juraj Krasnohorsky and production manager Henrieta Cvangová, and in 2012 joined by a Polish producer, Danuta Krasnohorská. Artichoke’s first feature film Tigers in the City was released in Slovak cinemas in June 2012 and was shown on many international film festivals.

We concentrate mainly on short and feature projects for cinema, international co-productions, fiction TV production and cinema-related events such as organizing workshops.

Our producers

We are three associate producers at Artichoke, working on common projects but as well on separate projects of our own, sharing knowledge and expertise in different aspects of production. We are constantly looking for new projects and talent as well as minority co-production projects.

Henrieta Cvangová

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Danuta Krasnohorská

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