Electra. A poem (short film)

Original title: Electra. A poem
Year of production: 2023
Format: short animated film
Running time: 26'
Director: Daria Kashcheeva
Producers Czech Republic: Zuzana Křivková, Martin Vandas
Producer Slovakia: Juraj Krasnohorsky
Producers France: Olivier Catherin, Richard Van Den Boom
Production company: MAUR Film [CZ]
Co-producers: Artichoke [SK], FAMU [CZ], Papy3D Productions [FR]
Post-production: Peter Košťál / ekran [SK]
Lead Animator: Marek Jasaň
Financially supported by Czech Fim Fund, AVF Slovak Audiovisual Fund, CNC, ARTE France and fund Filmtalent Zlín.

Development and Production of the film was financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

Electra. A poem

New animated short by student Oscar winner and Oscar nominee for Best Animated Short Film Daria Kashcheeva, produced by Artichoke together with MAUR Film (CZ) and Papy3D Productions (FR).


Electra is unable to establish relationships with men. She is harassed by her own self from the past, young Electra, who stalks her, evoking painful memories from her childhood that Electra has tried to avoid. She must accept the young Electra inside her and delve deep into her subconscious, reliving her rivalry with her mother for her father’s attention and renewing her mixed feelings for him. Only then can she reveal what really happened on her 10th birthday.

About Daria Kashcheeva
Born in Tajikistan, Daria graduated from the Moscow Conservatory and t Gnesin Sisters Academy of Music in Moscow. She is studying animation at FAMU in Prague. Her film To Accept won the 2017 Nespresso Talents in Cannes, while her film Daughter won more than 90 awards, including Crystal Award in Annecy 2019, the Student Oscar, and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

Film sold by MIYU Distribution