Fashion marš! 2015 (fashion show)

Fashion marš! 2015
Fashion Show
Date: 1.5.2015
Place: Streets of Bratislava
Production management by Artichoke

Henrieta Cvangová of Artichoke organized the fashion event Fashion marš!, a walk through the old city center of Bratislava showcasing young talented fashion artists and their models.

Fashion marš! is a unique May Day parade full of charm, colors and fun. It brings fashion of Slovakia’s leading designers to the streets and to the people.

Fashion marš! 2015 showcased artists such as Lenka Sršňová and her jubilant collection “Colorcode”, Marcel Holubec and his aptly titles collection “ÉTÉ”, Boris Hanečka and his current folk inspired medley, as well as Ľubica Poncik with her romantically titles “In My Heart” collection. In addition Annamária Kiss Kósa from Budapest showed her Spring/Summer 2015 collection and last but definitely not least, Michaela Ľuptáková’s “Pride” was showed on stylish Slowatch bikes.

Models and actors dressed in the original models walked through the city center to the hasty beats of the band Pelikán and took the crowd to artist’s headquarter bases were fashion performances and concerts took place. The parade was ended with the opening of the exhibition of Puojd Textiles and the Sloawatch Ping Pong Party blasting at KC Dunaj.

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