L.A.B. – Laboratory of Alice and Bob (TV series)

Original title: L.A.B. - Laboratory of Alice and Bob
Slovak title: L.A.B. - Laboratórium Alice a Boba
Based on an original idea by Juraj Krasnohorký and Peter Košťál
Developped by Artichoke and Ekran
Planned release: September 2016
Format: TV series
Length: 26 minutes
N. of episodes: 13
Director: Juraj Krasnohorsky
Producers: Juraj Krasnohorsky, Peter Košťál
Produced by:


Commissioned and co-produced by:

Project financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund:

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Designs courtesy of Peter Košťál (Ekran)


L.A.B. – Laboratory of Alice and Bob

Laboratory of Alice and Bob is a TV fiction series for children around 11-12 years, about the beauty and mysteries of physics, mathematics and science in general. Two kids, Alice and Bob, travel through space and discover Einstein’s relativity, Quantum Physics, how the stars get born and die and how the life started on our planet Earth. The series mix live action with 2D and 3D animation. The project is being co-developed by Artichoke and the animation studio Ekran.

Watch the animation demo (by Peter Košťál):