Living Cities (documentary film)

English title: Living Cities
Slovak title: Živé mestá
Expected release: 2016
Format: documentary film
Running time: 75'
R&D by Marko&Placemakers
Co-Producers: Artichoke [SK], January Pictures [UK]


Living Cities

Documentary film on architecture co-developed with Marko&Placemakers [UK] and January Pictures [UK]


A new phenomenon is transforming the relationship between the citizen and the city. Urged on by the financial crisis, and strengthened by a moral crisis, citizens are actively transforming the environment around them, reviving abandoned and disused spaces and turning them into a community resource. Our journey across Europe follows an architect and urbanist searching to redefine his role. His questions, doubts and personal transformation will reflect the motivations and struggles of the people behind these bottom-up initiatives. Ultimately, the film will inspire more citizens as well as policy-makers and professionals to embrace this moment in time and become co-creators of our cities.

Creative Team


Igor Marko is an architect and urban designer whose experimental approach to urbanism resulted in winning commissions for visionary ideas such as Car Free London, preparing the ground for transformation of London’s pedestrian and cycling environment. Upon completing his architecture studies in Bratislava, Igor moved to London in 1990s, where he joined several established practices before setting up his own studio in 1996 and leading transformational projects such as Northala Fields Park, critically acclaimed as an exemplar of people-led sustainability. As founder and creative director of Marko&Placemakers, Igor is advising private clients and local authorities on public space and major regeneration schemes. He is a regular speaker at conferences and his work has been widely published.

Petra Havelska is an architect, communicator and enabler of creative projects. She studied architecture in Vienna and worked at several architecture practices in London before completing a masters’ in creative entrepreneurship in order to develop her role as facilitator of good quality built environment. Petra has been a curator and coordinator of numerous initiatives and authored a book on the future role of architects Together Alone – Architecture and Collaboration (Artistbooks UK, 2011). She co-founded the London-based urban design consultancy Marko&Placemakers with Igor Marko in 2013, following their long-term collaboration on public realm projects including the award-winning Irwell River Park strategy.



Juraj Krasnohorský is a Slovak film director, screenwriter, creative producer and CEO of the production company ARTICHOKE. He studied theoretical physics, mathematics and film theory at universities in Geneva, Bilbao and Paris and lived in different European cities before moving back to Bratislava where he completed his first feature film TIGERS IN THE CITY, released in cinemas in summer 2012 and screened at numerous international film festivals. Currently he is developing several projects as creative producer for young Slovak directors and Slovak national television RTVS.

John Fleet is a screenwriter, producer, director and founder of January Pictures, an independent British production company set up in 2011. John studied film-making in Paris whilst also working as an advertising creative. His short film, The Wooden Sword, was screened at many worldwide festivals in 2011. He has since directed and produced a documentary looking at Burma from a grassroots level, as well as a series of films about the restoration work of Venetian Heritage. In 2013, he produced his first feature film, Arrivals, directed by Wilfrid Varvill, which is currently in post-production.