Maia Workshops (Media supported training program for film producers – 2013)

Maia Workshops is an advanced training programme for emerging European producers.

Theme: Legal&Financial Aspects
Dates: 24th - 28th of June 2013
Place: Bratislava, Slovakia (Pisztoryho palac, Stefanikova 25)

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Maia Workshops in Bratislava

In June 2013 Artichoke welcomed Maia Workshops for a one week workshop on financial&legal aspects of film production in Bratislava. The beautiful site of the old Pisztory Palace in the historic city center was for one week the home for young producers from 12 European countries and for top film professionals among which Vinca Wiedemann (creative producer of Danish director Lars von Trier), Linda Beath (financial advisor from Italy), Stephan Rull (film legal advisor from Berlin), Mike Kelly (producer from London) and Julianne Schulze (financial advisor from Berlin).

Maia Workshops is an advanced training programme for emerging European producers. We work together, with a hands-on participative and creative approach, to provide our participants with the fundamental skills they need to steer their projects through development, production and distribution.
In our rapidly changing environment we are keen to explore new and innovative ways of making and marketing films with low budgets. We look forward into transmedia storytelling and building crossmedia projects for different platforms as much as we work on consolidating our knowledge of the crafts and the skills of classical film production.

Main topics of the Bratislava workshop

– The film value chain, emerging business models
– Accessing public and private funds, regional, national and European, financing strategies
– Co-production agreements, the changing world of copyright, music rights etc.
– Strategic planning, low & micro budget filmmaking.

Maia Workshops Open Session

On Thursday 27th of June, Maia will be hosting the Bratislava Open Session, one full day of free lectures from the Maia specialists and meetings with the Maia participants from all around Europe. The Open Session is aimed mainly at the young film professionals and film school graduates, interested in new techniques in micro budget film production as well as networking with fellow producers from other European countries. The Maia Open Session will be held at the Pisztoryho palace, on Štefánikova street 25 in Bratislave. There is no fee. Download the programme of the Maia Open Session. To participate, please fill in the following contact form:

Maia Workshops in Bratislave is organized with the financial support from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and the Pro Slovakia Fund of the Ministry of culture of the Slovak republic.
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