Of Unwanted Things and People

Original title : Of Unwanted Things and People
Directors : David Súkup, Ivana Laučíková, Leon Vidmar
Co-production companies: Maur Film, Artichoke, ZVVIKS
Producer Czech Republic: Martin Vandas
Producer Slovakia: Juraj Krasnohorsky
Producer Slovenia: Kolja Saksida
Length : 80 minutes
Genre : Animated film for children, puppet stop-motion
Format : 4k, DCP, color
Status : In production
Estimated release : 2022

With financial support / Realizáciu filmu finančne podporil

Supported by Creative Europe MEDIA Single project development


Of Unwanted Things and People

An animated stop-motion film for children based on short stories by Arnošt Goldflam.
Directed by David Súkup [CZ], Ivana Laučíková [SK], Leon Vidmar [SI].


Three kids sleep over at grandfather’s house, for the first time since grandmother died. They can’t fall asleep and decide to tell each other some of the stories grandmother, a great storyteller, used to tell them. Grandfather helps them to remember how the stories went. Based on Czech author Arnošt Goldflam’s book for children, the film involves a great deal of fantasy and imagination. It is a plea for the art of storytelling, as an ideal mean to accept the sometimes difficult sides of life.

Expected release: 2022

In co-production with Maur Film (CZ), ZVVIKS (SL)

CEE Animation Forum 2018 (ex Visegrad Animation Forum)
VAF2018_Best Feature FilmVAF2018_Audience Award



Eurimages Co-production Development Award @ Cartoon Movie 2019, Bordeaux