Of Unwanted Things and People

Original title : Of Unwanted Things and People
Directors : David Súkup, Ivana Laučíková, Leon Vidmar, Agata Gorządek
Co-production companies: Maur Film, Artichoke, WJTeam/Likaon, ZVVIKS
Producer Czech Republic: Martin Vandas
Producer Slovakia: Juraj Krasnohorsky
Producer Poland: Wojciech Leszczynski
Producer Slovenia: Kolja Saksida
Length : 80 minutes
Genre : Animated film for children, puppet stop-motion
Format : 4k, DCP, color
Status : In production
Estimated release : 2021

With financial support / Realizáciu filmu finančne podporil

Supported by Creative Europe MEDIA Single project development

Of Unwanted Things and People

An animated stop-motion film for children based on short stories by Arnošt Goldflam
Directed by David Súkup [CZ], Ivana Laučíková [SK], Leon Vidmar [SI], Agata Gorządek [PL]


Stanley and Emily lose their parents. They are left alone and nobody wants them. Except for their cat that magically transforms in a loving aunt. In another part of the town, two boys find an overgrown garden with piles of old apple cores. Only the old Indian lady down the street knows the truth about the two monsters that used to live here. In the old city center, a man collects useless broken things. One day he repairs an old magical book, that can bring the reader back to the past. Finally, that old man sitting alone in the park, isn’t that Bogdan, the first man who knew how to fly? He visited distant continents with herds of birds, but no one remembers him anymore. Except maybe for his little neighbor, who would sure like to learn to fly, too.

Expected release: 2021

In co-production with Maur Film (CZ), WJTeam/Likaon (PL), ZVVIKS (SL)

VAF2018_Best Feature Film

VAF2018_Audience Award