The Taster (short film)

English title: The Taster
Original title: Ochutnávač
Expected release: 2015
Format: short fiction film
Running time: 15'
Director: Michal Baláž
Screenwriter: Michal Baláž
Producers: Artichoke
Graphic design: Ondrej Jób

Film is in development in co-operation with the script development program MIDPOINT: Central European Script Center.

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The Taster

Artichoke presents a short film by Michal Baláž. (Currently in development)

Project visual by Ondrej Jób


This dark and dystopian neo-noir story takes place in the near future. The world is heavily polluted and as a consequence the human race is the only animal species left. Most people are affected by a virus, which causes a definitive taste and smell loss.
We follow Jozef, a man in his 40s, who is one of the few left unaffected by the virus. He works as a taster for a company developing an artificial substitute for the missing proteins. Until the day, when he too, looses his taste.

Michal Baláž (1986) – scriptwriter & director

Michal Balaz Photo
Michal is a young scriptwriter and director from Slovakia. He first studied screenwriting and dramaturgy, followed by film directing at the Slovak national film school in Bratislava. He is currently finishing his ArtD degree. After several successful short films made at the film school, The Taster will be Michal’s first professional work with an established production company.