The Fall

Original title : Pád | The Fall
Scriptwriter : Patrik Pašš ml., Laura Siváková-Paššová
VFX Art Director : Peter Košťál
Director : Juraj Lehotský
Producer: Juraj Krasnohorsky
Length : 90 minutes
Genre : Drama
Format : 4k, DCP, color
Status : In development
Estimated release : 2022

With financial support / Vývoj filmu finančne podporil


The Fall

Feature film for cinema written by Patrik Pašš and Laura Siváková-Paššová, directed by Juraj Lehotský.


Faced with a financial and professional abyss, aging actor Juraj hopes for one last chance to return to the spotlight and prepares for a major role. His disintegrating marriage forces him to retreat to the family home, once a majestic country estate and now practically a ruin, inhabited only by his reclusive sister. The siblings clash from the moment they meet, but Juraj hopes for a quick return to his comfortable life as a movie star. Their shared household duties and collapsing house force them to work together and Juraj has to face the wrongs he did to his sister many years ago. He, who never really grew up, must now learn to accept the bitter taste of old age and his new fate under one – leaky – roof with his sister before tragedy strikes.

Expected release: 2024

In development.