Tigers in the City (feature film)

Original title: Tigre v meste
Year of production: 2012
Format: a feature fiction film
Running time: 90'
Director: Juraj Krasnohorsky
Screenwriters: Juraj Krasnohorsky & Lucia Siposova
DoP: Andre Bonzel
Producers: Juraj Krasnohorsky, Henrieta Cvangova
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This project was realized with the financial support from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund
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Tigers in the City

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Artichoke proudly presents Juraj Krasnohorsky’s debut feature film and Artichoke’s debut feature film production. Tigers in the City is a summer comedy about the difficulties of finding a soul mate in a crazy world.

It is a story about a young man who decides to give up his old life style and friends to seduce the woman of his dreams, but instead ends up in a cobweb of chance and destiny.

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Three friends about to turn 30 call themselves animal names: BADGER, HYENA and PIGEON. They like to spend time together in their favorite bar in the Bratislava city Zoo, but they all feel that something is missing – they starve for a soul mate for life. After years of fantasizing about a woman’s voice on the radio, Badger finally decides to meet her. Badger’s life takes an unexpected twist, when his friends discover, that a man is trying to kill him. The man is a Russian ex-hit-man hired to kill Badger for his extensive zeal as a state prosecutor, working against local mafia. At the same time, the killer happens to be the husband of the radio speaker, with whom Badger just started a romance. The circle is closed. Now it’s not only a question of falling in love anymore. It’s about staying alive.




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The DVD contains additional material such as Juraj Krasnohorsky’s short film X=X+1, Making of Tigers, Photos and a 18 pages booklet filled with stuff that will change your life. A separate CD contains the whole original soundtrack by Michal Novinski as well as tracks by artists such as dEUS or Zona A. The DVD was awarded the Slovak national film prize IGRIC for best DVD.

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