Original title : IKONY (ICONS)
Directors : Dano Dekan, Dorota Vlnová, Marika Majorová, Maroš Milčík and others
Co-production with: RTVS, archtung
Length : 26 minutes
Number of episodes: 10
Genre : Film on architecture
Format : 4k, DCP, color
Status : In production
Planned release : 2020

With financial support / Realizáciu filmu finančne podporil


A documentary series on architecture (10 episodes x 26 minutes) about iconic Slovak architects of modernism. 10 directors together with 10 dops create their vision of some of the most extraordinary buildings from the socialist era and the architects behind them.

Trailer of Episode 1: Iľja Skoček st. (dir. Dano Dekan)