Everything we missed (short film)

Original title: Všetko, čo sme nestihli
Year of production: 2023
Format: short animated film
Running time: 10'
Director: Marta Prokopová
Producer Slovakia: Juraj Krasnohorsky
Producers Czech republic: Martin Vandas, Alena Vandasová
Production companies: Artichoke [SK], MAUR Film [CZ]
Production studio: ekran [SK]
Artistic and Technical Supervisor: Peter Košťál
Design and compositing: Viktor Ševčík
3D modelling and VFX: Milan Mlích
Animation: Pavol Timko, Katarína Geffertová

Development and Production of the film was financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

Everything we missed

New animated short by Marta Prokopová, produced by Artichoke together with MAUR Film (Czech republic).

Everything_We_Missed - Still_04

For some a whole eternity, for him the best year of his life. She is a woman, he is a dog. The pandemic has finally made them spend time together.

She is too busy, while he needs more of her attention. She is a young woman, he is her dog. When the pandemic traps them in a small flat, it’s the best time of his life. The flat becomes a capsule flying through empty and cold space. They land on an empty planet reserved just for the two of them. Trees, forests and miniature and giant animals populate their fantasy world. It is the time when they can do everything they missed before. Will it stay that way when they return to Earth?