The Island of Salamanders

THE ISLAND OF SALAMANDERS is an animated 3D CGI film for childrn aged 8 to 12 and for families. The setting of the story is loosely inspired by the philosophical and humanistic values of the famous “classic” science-fiction book by Czech writer Karel Čapek “War with the Newts”, first published in Czechoslovakia in 1935.

Directed by Catherine Maximoff, developed in co-production with French Les Contes Modernes (Patrice Nezan producer) and German Fabian&Fred (Fabien Driehorst producer).

sous l_eau

When Juliet’s (10) father Hassan Van Goggles (40), an unscrupulous businessman, makes a hasty escape from the police with Juliet aboard a sailboat, their ship is stranded on a small island. While her father is busy repairing the boat, Juliet explores the island and meets its only inhabitant, the mysterious old Pramana. He tells her about giant salamanders that he has guarded all his life. If freed, they will invade the Earth. For the curious Juliet, all this makes little sense. The new life in nature on a deserted island and far away from the technology-heavy city life is an unexpected adventure. She learns from Pramana how to find food and hunt. Meanwhile, something draws her eye to a black rock in the sea. Someone else seems to live there and demands her attention. When Pramana suddenly dies, she answers the call and makes her way to the black rock. There she meets Knife, the leader of the giant salamanders.

Expected release: 2026